Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015: NICE Share-a-Rama Resources

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Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015: NICE Minicon Resources

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October 22, 2014: Google Eco-System

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September 16, 2014: Share-a-Rama

Notes and YouTube recording from the meeting

March 12, 2014: iPads in Education 

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Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014: NICE Minicon Resources

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Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013: P.L.A.Y.D.A.T.E.

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October 22, 2013: Google Everything

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Marcie Faust Doctopus and Goobric in Action! Have you ever wondered how to assign and assess student work using Google Apps? The answer lies within an incredible script called Doctopus! In this session, participants will learn how to install the Doctopus script into a Google spreadsheet so that assignments can be organized and shared with students. Teachers will especially benefit from the rubric extension called Goobric, which makes it possible to assess student work and automatically store student data right into the Google spreadsheet.
Aida Awad & Dexter Roknich Power Search Tips & Tricks Search changes the discussion! Did you know that Google estimates that just using Ctrl+F or Command+F when searching can speed up your searches by 12%? Join us to learn Power Search Tip & Tricks to make your searches more efficient and to share with your staff and students.    
Charlene Chausis Getting Started with Google Forms For beginners. Learn the basics of creating a Google forms and explore a variety of ways educators are using Google forms.    
Derrick A Swistak Google+ Communities in the Classroom   Google+ Communities in the classroom. Learn how Google+ Community compares to Wordpress or Blogger.  
Alexis Liakakos & Mike Biondo Classroom use of Forms, Scripts & Google Sites Inform your teaching and interact with students in a whole new way using Google forms. Using the Autocrat and Doctopus scripts, streamline distribution of documents and feedback and easily collect and manage data. Also, experience one teacher's integrated Google site used as a portal to classroom activities and teacher-to-student communication.    
Helen Lazzaro Getting started with Flubaroo for grading Using a google form for quiz input, the Flubaroo script will automatically grade your quiz. Flubaroo can also email the results to your students. Learn how to setup Flubaroo, and the new features with Flubaroo 3.0    
Charlene Chausis Managing Google Form Data You've collected data on a Google form, now what? Learn ways to sort and filter data as well as explore a variety of scripts available for summarizing data or providing feedback to your responders.    
David Chan & Mina Marien Making an Online PD Course Using Google Apps

ETHS delivered an online course this summer on Video and YouTube using multiple Google Apps. Come check out our course, live through a few modules and learn how to potentially design one for your own staff.    



September 2013


 Presenter  Resource
 Sean  Why, How to Flip Your Classroom? Contact him at sfisher-rohde "at"
Search in Google: Click Search Tools under search bar to access Reading Level (under "All Results"
In Google Image search, more options
In Google Docs: Tools > Research. Use sidebar to search, click insert link or click Cite and footnote created automatically.
In Google Chrome: Extension for shortener
 Charlene  New features in Google Forms: Embed YouTube, Data Validation, and Progress bar
Great keynote to watch: Adam Bellow from ISTE closing session
create PDFs from your iPad with Also print from web browser and ads are stripped out.
 Pam  Book Crawler for book inventory -- great for classroom collections, scan barcode into inventory. Interfaces with Google Reads, and provides summary of book.
Browser or App ($1.99) Book Crawler
 Tracy  Example of data wall created in Google drawing. Based on Diane Sweeney's book on student-centered coaching. Color coded by teacher. Each “card” links to a student form.

 Class - web based tool to keep track of classroom behaviors. You set the behaviors. Used in a high school class for participation, or in social studies, Spanish, etc. Also available as an iPad app.

September 2012
 Presenter  Resource
 Brianna  Notability -- iPad app
 Beth  SAS Curriculum Pathways
 Margaret  ICE Cube Illinois Computing Educators newsletter now online
 Maureen  Google scripts
  Google FormEmailer
 Kim & Lauren  QR Codes for using Twitter and Blogs
 Lynda  ReadWriteThink
 Beth  Picasa
 Cathy  Sumdog
 Mohammad  Google Translate
 Charlene  Flubaroo
 Captcha codes
 Socrative Student
   ICTmagic blog
 Maureen  Ted Ed
March 2012
Potpourri of Practical Programs
Helen Lazzaro Creative Book Builder (968KB .PDF)
January 2012
NICE Mini-Conference
Presenter Resource
Steve Dembo,
Keynote Speaker
22nd Century Skills....Today!
Caren Kimbarovsky Above and Beyond: More Interactive Whiteboard Resources
Lynda Hartman Accessible Worksheets. It’s a Win-Win – Differentiate Access and Save Paper!
Jeff Shaw ActivInspire Tips & Tricks
Top Teaching Tips
Nadine Norris & Angelique Masellis Adventures in a 1-1 iPad Classroom
Laura Montgomery Building a Website with Weebly (the "wonder tool")
Anthony Reibel Closing Learning Gaps With Powerful Technology
Jodi Greenspan Community 2.0-- How Technology can Enhance the School Community
Linda Pribyl & D214 Students Creating iPad Content
Tricia Fuglestad Creative Digital Art Projects~Elementary and Beyond
Michael Gorman & Jane Gorman From Jukebox  to iPod* Transforming Yesterdays Sessions for21st Century Learners
Cynthia Karabush Give Your Surfers a Paddle: QR Codes in the Classroom
Jodi Greenspan & Elizabeth Felageller Google Earth--Students can do more than just find their house!
Melissa Rosen If It's Online, It Must Be True
Ryan Goble & Pam Goble Media Circles: Cooperative Learning for Media-Savvy Teachers
Katie Cardella & Laura Iacullo More with iPads
More with iPad Apps
Nick Nicholson SMART Response VE: Your Internet Enabled Device is Now A Student Responder!
Karen Ladendorf & Bonnie Thurber Songs My Family Taught Me, and Beyond
Michael Gorman & Jane Gorman Story Book Adventures in Project Based Learning … Plugging Technology and Web Based Resources
Jon Bergmann The Flipped Class
Amy Lamberti Web 2.0 Tools for Creativity
Join with code:  z06ewk
Melissa Rosen Web 2.0 Tools For The Classroom
Jan Hackman & Bonnie Thurber What's Blooming in the iCollaboratory?
Bonnie Thurber & Ruth Shunick When will I Ever Use This? -- Career Exploration
September 2011 Share-A-Rama Presenter Resource
Caren Kimbarovsky JeopardyLabs
Testmoz Test Generator
Flubaroo used with Google Docs
Triptico: IWB Toolkit app Live Text Document Collaboration
Cynthia Karabush QR Codes in Every Classroom presentation
Beth Heile Using iPads for a variety of assistive tech needs
Tricia Lazarro ePub Bud - Publish, Convert, Store, and Download free children's ebooks
Gail Legrand Pearltrees to organize and share web resources
Lynda Hartman NaturalReader free text to speech software
TypeRacer to improve keyboarding skills
Carrie DeLa Cruz AMDI iPad case with volume control
Infinitec profession development resource
Mary Ann Apple Splashtop remote desktop software with video & audio
Gadget Lab
Laura Montgomery to embed & share files on your web site
Maureen Miller Edmodo for secure sharing files, videos, polls for teachers & students
Jill Maraldo Google +: how it works, features, how different from Facebook
January 2011 Mini-Conference Presenter Session & Resource
Briana Allan Share your Inspire-ation: a Promethean IWB Users Group
Amanda Antell  & Jill Vanderveer Alpha Smart NEO's in the classroom
David Chan Senior Studies and Google Sites
Steve Dembo  
Stacey Edlavitch Favorite FREE Web Tools
Tricia Fuglestad Make Your School House Rock: creating movies for your curriculum
Ryan Goble Within' Technology, Without Technology
Michael Gorman & Jane Gorman 1. Whales In Lake Michigan? Sizing Up Sites.Seven Simple Steps
2. STEM to STEAM to STEAMIE: Turning up the Temperature! Fit PBL, 21st Century Skills, and Fine Arts into STEM education.
3. No Future Left Behind: Digital Natives/ Immigrants Learn, Transform, Create
Blog, Wiki, Documents: MJGormans_1.doc, MJGormans_2.doc
Judy Gressel Build Your Personal Learning Network withSocial Media Tools
Scott Meech Is there really an App for that?
The LLA to Personal Professional Development:a framework for learning with technology
Laura Montgomery Be a Global Communicator:Using Skype & Other Tools
Blogging with Books
The World of Wordle
Jacki Naughton STEM Inquiry & Research: A hybrid approach to student research Document: NaughtonSTEM Inquiry and Research.doc
Nick Nicholson Engaging 21st Century Learners w/ SMARTTechnology Solutions
Melissa Rosen Word: More Than A Word Processing Program
Jeff Shaw The One-iPad Classroom
Posterous (presentation available as PDF)
Full presentation w/movies, if using latest Safari
My "One-iPad Classroom" blog
Patricia Sievert Capture the Colorful Cosmos: using space images
Bonnie Thurber National Poetry Month and other projects in the iCollaboratory
Christina Wood,
Amerigo Carnazzola &
Christine Pfaffinger
iPad in the science classroom
Quick Reference Guide of Science APPs
September 2010 Share-A-Rama Sharing Resource
Maureen Miller URL shortener
Bill Steinbach Brain Pop
Jan Stoner BrightLink Interactive Projector
Helen Lazzaro eGFI
Joe Brennan HyperStudio 5
Judy Gressel
Jeff Shaw Classroom Apps for iPad
Laura Montgomery
Lynda Hartman
  • Demo of Blio eReader software
  • Adobe Reader documents for student entry and listening
Charlene Chausis IPEVO document camera
Caren Kimbarovsky iPod carts
Fred Koch
Tom Donovan
Sherry Azaria TodaysMeet

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